Ideas For Interesting Happy Hour Specials

If you own a bar, then you know that bringing in a good happy hour business is one of the keys to success. If guests start attending happy hour and love it, they are likely to come back at other times. All you need to draw them in is a friendly atmosphere and some good happy hour specials. Here are a few interesting happy hour special ideas to consider: Color Days

5 Benefits Of Stainless Steel Restaurant Equipment

If you're like most restaurant owners, you like your kitchen equipment not only to offer superior functionality but also to come at a reasonable cost. If you're currently in the market to replace some or all of your existing equipment, consider doing what many of your colleagues are doing: replacing old equipment with new stainless steel counterparts. Stainless steel is a cost-effective option that nonetheless offers many advantages to restaurant owners and those working in commercial kitchens.

4 Tips For Building A Happy Hour Menu Your Customers Will Love

Happy hour is a great way to bring customers into your restaurant, and it is a great way to turn customers into regulars if you build the right happy hour menu and atmosphere. Create Signature Cocktails You want your happy hour menu to stand out and make a great impression on your customers. One way to do that is by creating one or two signature cocktails that you serve only at your happy hour.

Italian Catering Makes Sense At An Italian Film Festival

Italy remains a country with many enjoyable cultural aspects. The arts, in particular, do stand out as exceptionally unique. That is one reason why Italian cinema continually captures new fans on the festival and revival circuit. Of course, more people are likely familiar with Italian food than they are with the country's cinema masterpieces. Italian food does share one thing in common with Italian films. Few people realize how expansive both are.