Ideas For Interesting Happy Hour Specials

If you own a bar, then you know that bringing in a good happy hour business is one of the keys to success. If guests start attending happy hour and love it, they are likely to come back at other times. All you need to draw them in is a friendly atmosphere and some good happy hour specials. Here are a few interesting happy hour special ideas to consider:

Color Days

One interesting way to organize your happy hour specials is to offer specials of a different color every day. For example, Mondays could be blue days. Your specials that day could be Blue Hawaiian cocktails and nachos made with blue corn chips. Tuesdays could be orange days. You could offer screwdrivers as a drink and pasta topped with orange tomato sauce as the food special. There's no end to the ideas you can come up with here, and some guests will show up just to see what you were able to create!

Mini Sampler Platters

Another fun idea is to offer only sample-size foods during happy hour. You could have one food special such as a platter that comes with two mozzarella sticks, some pizza logs, a mini burger, one chicken tender, and a tiny salad, for instance. Offer something similar when it comes to drinks, such as a flight of beer or a flight of wine samples for a few dollars. Guests will enjoy the opportunity to try lots of different things at a reasonable price.

Local Nights

Another fun happy hour idea is to offer specials on locally made beverages and foods. For instance, you can make burgers from beef produced on a local farm and offer them only during your happy hour. You can make cocktails using gin from the next town over, too. Make sure you advertise this one well. There are may foodies who love eating local and will be very interested in attending this type of happy hour, especially if you prepare a different set of local drinks and dishes each week. If representatives of the companies that make the foods and drinks attend and do a meet-and-greet, it could be a good marketing opportunity for everyone involved.

Happy hour can be about more than $1 discounts on wine and beer. With the special ideas above, you will draw in a crowd and ensure your bar is packed, night after night, during the happiest hour.