4 Tips For Building A Happy Hour Menu Your Customers Will Love

Happy hour is a great way to bring customers into your restaurant, and it is a great way to turn customers into regulars if you build the right happy hour menu and atmosphere.

Create Signature Cocktails

You want your happy hour menu to stand out and make a great impression on your customers. One way to do that is by creating one or two signature cocktails that you serve only at your happy hour. By creating a couple of great signature drinks, you will create a hook that will entice people to want to come to your happy hour in order to get your special cocktails.

You want your signature cocktails to match the personality of your bar. You may even have one or two stable signature cocktails, and then a rotating special cocktail for each season or month of the year. Happy hour is about drinking, and having a signature cocktail is a great way to brand your happy hour experience.

Create Smaller Versions of Your Most Popular Dishes

You should already have a good idea of what are the best-selling items on your menu. Take those items you already know are popular and recreate them for your happy hour menu. For example, you can take your most popular type of hamburger and create sliders out of it, or you can create a smaller flatbread of your most popular pizza combination.

You don't need to reinvent the wheel; base your happy hour meals on things that you already know customers like. They can be mini versions of the same dish or play with the same flavor combinations.

Have a Few Sharable Food Items

Make a few items on your happy hour big instead of small. For many people, happy hour isn't about grabbing a quick drink by themselves; it is about connecting with others. It is about getting together with coworkers or friends and sharing a meal and time together.

Serve foods that are easy to share, such as sliders, spring rolls, and dips. Items that are easy to share can help bring people together over your happy hour.

Add Some Virgin Drinks

The truth is that not everyone can drink or wants to drink. These people often feel left out of the happy hour experience, as generally only alcoholic drinks are served. Make your restaurant somewhere where people who don't or can't drink alcohol feel welcome by including some tasty and fun non-alcoholic drinks. That way, everyone can enjoy your happy hour experience.

Bring people together with a great happy hour menu that includes signature cocktails and virgin drinks. Add food that is easy to share and the plays on your most popular menu items. Create a menu that will turn your customers into regulars.