Fun Ways To Serve Bacon At Your Catered Event

Bacon can appear on the menu at many catered events. If you're serving Caesar salad, it will likely have bacon in it. If mashed potatoes are a favorite dish, you might decide to jazz them up with crumbled bacon and chives. There are many other ways to include bacon at your catered event, including some ways in which this cured meat is the star. Bacon is a favorite food for many people — according to one study, 21 percent of Americans would be happy to eat bacon daily — and this means that if you feature bacon in one or more ways, you're bound to have some happy people at your event.

Enjoy Lamb In These Preparations At Your Local Italian Eatery

When you think about dishes that contain lamb, you'll often think about Greek cuisine. Lamb is a staple for Greek food, but that doesn't mean that you can't frequently find it in other types of restaurants, too. Another place to look for this tender, flavorful source of protein is at Italian restaurants. Although every Italian eatery doesn't have lamb on its menu, many do — and this means that if you like the taste of lamb and favor Italian cooking, you'll be in for a treat.

4 Tips For Watching Sports At A Sports Pub

As a sports fan, you are probably missing out if you haven't yet checked out a local sports pub on game nights. If you're hoping to try watching sports at a nearby sports pub, check out these tips for doing so. 1. Get There Early On a regular night, you might not have to worry about getting to the pub early. If you're planning on going when a major sporting event is going on, though, you might want to plan on getting there a little while before the game or event starts.

Great Birthday Options

If you are going to be having a children's birthday party for your child and you have already decided that you do not want to have it at your house, then there are so many great options to choose from. While it is good to have so many options, it can also make things more complicated. The information here will be able to help because it will offer you some ideas on where you can throw the party and give you reasons why these places would be good choices.