Fun Ways To Serve Bacon At Your Catered Event

Bacon can appear on the menu at many catered events. If you're serving Caesar salad, it will likely have bacon in it. If mashed potatoes are a favorite dish, you might decide to jazz them up with crumbled bacon and chives. There are many other ways to include bacon at your catered event, including some ways in which this cured meat is the star. Bacon is a favorite food for many people — according to one study, 21 percent of Americans would be happy to eat bacon daily — and this means that if you feature bacon in one or more ways, you're bound to have some happy people at your event.

Bacon on a Stick

If you're organizing the catering for an event in which there won't be a sit-down meal, you'll obviously want to focus on foods that people can eat while standing. Bacon on a stick is a perfect option for such an event. Your catering service can offer this type of food in many different varieties, including candied, thick cut, and even dipped in chocolate. Even the bacon enthusiasts at your event may not have experienced each of these types of bacon, and will be excited to see them available.

Bacon-Wrapped Meats

The malleability and flavor of bacon make it a good type of food to wrap around other types of meats. You have a number of options to consider here. If you want to include some seafood dishes on the menu, bacon-wrapped scallops and bacon-wrapped shrimp can be a good choice. Another option is to wrap bacon around small nuggets of chicken for those who aren't a fan of seafood. Each of these foods is easy to eat while standing, either with a small fork or even by hand.

Bacon Bloody Mary

If you're making alcoholic beverages available at your catered event, the Bloody Mary is a good drink to include. This popular beverage often has a variety of garnishes, including a stick of celery and a skewer of olives. You can definitely kick up the taste of the garnishes — as well as the taste of the drink overall — by having your catering service place a skewer of bacon in each drink. Your bacon-loving guests will enjoy bacon in this application, and find that its smokiness effectively complements the flavor of the Bloody Mary. You can also use bacon in virgin Bloody Mary drinks if you want to make alcohol-free beverages available.

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