Enjoy Lamb In These Preparations At Your Local Italian Eatery

When you think about dishes that contain lamb, you'll often think about Greek cuisine. Lamb is a staple for Greek food, but that doesn't mean that you can't frequently find it in other types of restaurants, too. Another place to look for this tender, flavorful source of protein is at Italian restaurants. Although every Italian eatery doesn't have lamb on its menu, many do — and this means that if you like the taste of lamb and favor Italian cooking, you'll be in for a treat. Here are some different ways that Italian restaurant kitchens prepare lamb for their guests.

In Ragu Sauce

Virtually every Italian restaurant has a variety of dishes with ragu sauce — that is, tomato sauce with spices and some type of meat. While ground beef, meatballs, and pork sausage are all common protein sources in ragu sauce, you may encounter this type of sauce with lamb as its meat. Often loaded with garlic, which effectively complements the flavor of lamb in virtually every application, lamb ragu sauce is served over your choice of pasta. This dish is worth trying because it's a slight twist on a classic Italian meal.

In Sausage

At some Italian restaurants, you'll find a variety of types of sausage throughout the menu. Although pork is a common meat for Italian sausage, you may encounter sausages that contain lamb. This type of meat is ideal for sausage making because of its high fat content; if a sausage is made out of a leaner meat, it will often be dry after the cooking process. Different Italian restaurants prepare lamb sausage in different ways, including mixed in sauce. You may also find the sausage grilled, sliced, and served as an appetizer.

As Chops

Lamb chops are a classic way to enjoy lamb, and you may find this dish on the menu of your local Italian eatery — but with an Italian twist. This cut of meat may be grilled, baked, or braised, and will often be included with common Italian flavors such as hefty doses of garlic, olive oil, tomato sauce, and other such flavors. This dish is likely to be an entree at your local eatery, but you may find it offered as a sharing plate under the appetizers section of the menu. If you enjoy lamb chops, you've likely eaten them with Greek flavors. Trying them Italian style is a fun way to expand your culinary palate.

To learn more about Italian dishes, consider visiting several Italian restaurants in your area.