5 Tips For A Relaxed And Simple Day-After Wedding Brunch

The day-after brunch is an excellent way to cap off your wedding festivities and send off out-of-town guests with warm goodbyes. But, given that you planned and executed a major event the day before, how can you make your post-wedding brunch simple and stress-free? The best place to begin is to rent a banquet room at a quality restaurant. Here are five tips for using that banquet facility to simplify matters.

1. Use Their Services. Aside from the ready-made space available in a banquet room, you also have ready-made services. This is one of the biggest advantages of hiring a restaurant rather than other venues. So take advantage of their inside services by letting the restaurant do as much for you as they have the ability. Use outside vendors only to fill in necessary gaps.

2. Recycle Decor. Don't double your decorating workload. Instead, earmark some of the wedding and reception decor to serve double duty as brunch decor. This includes things like centerpieces, flowers, balloons, bouquets, dishware, and unused favors. Ask your creative friends and family members to make it look its best. 

3. Keep It Close. Where will you hold this final wedding activity? Look at venues close to you and your invited guests. This is a time for convenience, as everyone will be tired after a full weekend. Pick a local restaurant with which you're familiar, one close to the block of hotel rooms booked, or even a space close to the airport people will leave from. Then, everyone can come and go comfortably.

4. Outsource Everything. Let others do as much of the work as you can. This includes the restaurant staff and outside vendors, as well as friends and family. While some couples try to micromanage or DIY their weddings to achieve the exact look they envision. But don't micromanage this event, instead focus on relaxing by letting others handle the details. 

5. Don't Invite Everyone. Each couple can invite whomever they want to their pre- and post-wedding activities. But know that the larger your guest list, the harder it will be to relax and manage everything. So keep the guest list short. If you aren't sure how to limit yourself, select a banquet room that limits your size instead. Then, you don't have to be the bad guy.

Where to Start

Ready to start planning the best, simplest, and most enjoyable day-after brunch? Begin by touring local banquet rooms in restaurants in your area today. With their services and spaces, you'll soon craft a great send-off to end a great weekend.  

For more information, visit a local event banquet room for more ideas.