6 Pizza Hacks You Need To Know

Eating pizza is just part of the American landscape. That is why it is essential to know secret pizza hacks that will enhance your pizza-eating experience and allow you to customize your own pizza.

Hack #1: Ask for Extra Sauce

When it comes to pizzas, you generally have to pay for each topping you want to add to your pizza. One of the things that most pizza places don't charge you anything extra if you want the extra sauce. So, if you really love the sauce that is going on your pizza, see if you can get extra for free.

Hack #2: Change the Sauce

If you really want to change things up, order the pizza that you like the most, but change the pizza sauce that comes with it. Switching from a red sauce to a barbecue sauce, for example, can really change the way that your pizza tastes. 

Hack #3: Go for a Large

It is almost always worth it to order a large pizza instead of ordering two small pizzas when it comes to getting a good deal on your pizza. You get more pizza for the money when you purchase a large pizza instead of two small pizzas. 

Hack #4: Ask for Seasonings

You would be amazed at how a few shakes of red pepper can add layers of spice and flavor to your pizza. A few shakes of grated Parmesan cheese can add an entire layer of flavor to your pizza as well. 

Be sure to ask for some packets of red pepper and grated Parmesan cheese for your order. Those little extra seasonings packs can go a long way towards making your pizza taste even more delicious.

Hack #5: Go for Well Done

If you don't like the crust to be soft at all on your pizza, and you want to enjoy a nice little crisp when you bite into your pizza, you are going to want to order your pizza well-done. When you order your pizza well-done, most places will let it cook a little longer, giving you a crispier crust on your pizza. 

Hack #6: Get You Pizza Uncut

If you feel like your pizza gets a little soggy when you order delivery, ask for the pizza to be uncut! That way, the grease, and cheese will not drip down the sides and make the pizza a little softer. This is a good hack if you like a crispy pizza and you have your own pizza slicer at home. 

These are just a few hacks you can use when ordering pizza to enhance and make the most of your pizza-eating experience! 

For more information on customized pizza, contact a company near you.