4 Tips For Enjoying Ramen At A Ramen Restaurant

When you think of ramen, you may think of the packets of noodles that you can pick up for mere cents on the dollar. However, that is not what is served when you head to a ramen restaurant for a meal. Instead, at a ramen restaurant, you are going to enjoy high-quality noodles with tasty broth and toppings.

When it comes to ramen, you need to know how to eat it to get the most out of the meal. There is an approach to eating ramen you need to know.

1. Start Eating as Soon as the Food Arrives

With ramen, you shouldn't wait for everyone at your table to get theirs. As soon as your ramen is placed in front of you, it is time to eat. Ramen is best when it is fresh; the longer you wait, the more the dish degrades. The broth cools down, the noodles break down, and the fats separate. Your food is ready when it hits your table, and you should dig in so you can enjoy your food when it is at its best.

2. It's Okay to Slurp

It is more than okay to slurp when you are eating ramen. The action of slurping, where you are breathing in air with the broth and noodles, helps to cool the food down as well as aerate it in your mouth. This process helps to enhance the flavor, and if you are in an authentic Japanese ramen restaurant, it is considered a compliment to the chef to slurp your ramen up. So go ahead and get a little loud with your ramen.

3. Lay off the Hot Sauce

When you get your ramen, you are going to be given extras to put on the top. Many people like to load their ramen up with hot sauce when it comes to packaged ramen options. With ramen at a restaurant, you are going to want to lay off on the hot sauce. If you add too much, you will ruin the delicate balance of flavors, and you are not going to enjoy the full flavor of the dish you ordered. If you want some hot sauce, add a few drops, rather than drenching your ramen with it.

4. Try Different Types of Broth

There is a wide variety of broth that you can enjoy with your ramen. Try a different kind of broth with your ramen each time you order. Tonkotsu is a thick and milky-looking broth that is made from pork bones. Shoyu broth is a clear brown broth with a soy sauce base. Shio broth is a salty broth that is made with either a pork or chicken base. Finally, miso is a nutty and sweet broth that originated in Japan.

When you head to a ramen restaurant, dig in and remember that it is okay to slurp. There are various types of broth for ramen noodles; try them all to find your favorite. Lay off the hot sauce, and enjoy the delicate balance of flavors in your ramen bowl