Getting A Few Less Calories But Still Enjoying Pizza

Giving up great tasting food is the hardest part of going on a diet. If you have to give up any of your favorite foods, you may find that you have a hard time remaining on the diet. Instead of getting rid of all of the foods that you enjoy, you should find ways to cut down on the calories. since losing weight is a game of numbers, cutting out calories and bringing up your metabolism and exercise means that you will continue to drop the pounds. If you want ways to lower the calories but keep your pizza, here is what to order for takeout. 

Add fruit and veggies only

Vegetables are some of the lowest calorie foods possible. For this reason, they make excellent pizza toppings. Experiment with adding pizza toppings such as pineapples, sun-dried tomatoes, and mushrooms. This will give your pizza a little bit of texture and more taste. Choosing fruits and vegetables over meat products will cut out the calories but allow you to enjoy the overall flavor of pizza. If there aren't as many veggie choices as you would like, you can make final additions at home. 

Go with thin crust

The crust is often the part of the pizza with the highest number of calories. Instead of going with the hand tossed or deep dish pizzas, choose the thin crust. Thin crust pizza will have less breading and therefore, fewer calories. You can often order the crust either soft or crispy, so this will not take away the options that you have for the pizza. If you are on a special diet, consider asking for a gluten-free option. Do a calorie check of the difference between the thin crust and a hand tossed to see how many calories you will have per slice. 

Go light on the cheese

Since the sauce on the pizza is often made of tomatoes and other vegetables, you will be able to go either light or heavy depending on your desires. One area where you should go a little bit lighter than usual is with the cheese. Cheese can be hundreds of calories and it can be an unhealthy part of your diet. Order extra sauce and lighter cheese if you want to have a pizza takeout dinner that is filling but has lower calories than you are used to. Ask your favorite pizza place if they have cheese substitutes, such as soy cheese. This will cut down on sodium, calories, and more.