Give Alfredo Sauce A Chance On Your Next Pizza Order

Although it can often be tempting to order the same pizza each time that you visit your local pizza restaurant, trying different selections off the establishment's menu may help you to discover a new favorite. While different toppings can change the look and taste of your pizza, experimenting with a new sauce base can also be rewarding. Instead of tomato sauce, consider Alfredo sauce. This base is commonly available at pizza restaurants on select pies, but you can also begin with this sauce when you're building your own pizza. Here are some reasons to give Alfredo sauce a try.

It Gives You Exposure To New Ingredients

One of the fun things about trying a pizza with a base of Alfredo sauce is that it gives you exposure to new toppings that you might not otherwise order. For example, many Alfredo-based pizzas are made with chicken, given the way that white sauce and chicken pair well together — and there's a good chance that you've never ordered chicken on a conventional pizza. However, this meat can be a nice alternative to the more traditional toppings of pepperoni, sausage, and bacon. You might even like the combination of Alfredo sauce and chicken so that you begin to opt for these ingredients when you order custom pizzas.

It's A Low-Acid Alternative

Some people don't do well with foods that are high in acidity. For some people, a diet that is too high in acidic foods can lead to issues such as reflux. For all of its tasty benefits, tomato sauce is acidic, which may leave you burping and feeling a bit ill after your meal. Instead of skipping pizza altogether, you might have better results with an Alfredo-based pizza. It avoids the acidic tomatoes altogether, so you may find that it agrees with you more.

It's Richer — And That Can Be A Good Thing

The butter and cheese used to make Alfredo sauce mean that this white sauce is generally richer than its traditional tomato counterpart. Even if you're watching your weight, the richer sauce might be better. Because conventional slices can go down easily, you may find that you tend to overeat pizza because you like it so much. When you order a pie with Alfredo sauce, however, the richness of the sauce can make you feel satisfied faster. This means that you might be more apt to have the rest of the pizza packed up to eat on subsequent days at home, rather than overeat at the restaurant.

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