Tips For Proper Care And Maintenance Of Your New Restaurant's Commercial Range

If you are the owner of a new restaurant and now own a commercial range for the first time, then there are special things you need to do to keep it working well for years to come. While food service appliances are all made to last for many years with little maintenance, following these simple tips will help keep your range working and productive for many more years into the future:

Tip: Train Your Cooking Staff to Clean Up as They Cook Food

To keep your new restaurant's range clean and in good repair, train each of your cooking staff in the importance of cleaning up spills and grease splatter as they cook. This simple procedure will reduce the risk of kitchen fires, and it keeps food from baking onto the range, which will be hard to clean off later. Cleaning the range's surfaces throughout the day as people are cooking also makes cleaning up faster each night at closing time.

Tip: Remove and Soak the Range's Grates Each Night and Soak Them Clean

To keep food and grease from baking onto the range's cooking grates, make sure that your staff removes them each night and places them into some hot, soapy water to soak. Soak the grates to allow the dish soap to loosen stuck-on grease and food, and then wash them off with clean water. Dry the grates so that they will not develop any rust. While the grates are soaking, take the time to wipe down the rest of the range to remove any grime.

Tip: Make Sure You Use Pots and Pans That Match the Size of Your New Range

Since you are new to the restaurant business, you may not realized that using pots and pans that are too large or too small for your range can cause a lack of heat transfer from the range to the food you are cooking. For this reason, make sure that the pots and pans you purchase to use on your range are the same size as the burners you will be cooking on

Tip: Always Cook on a Lower Heat Setting When Practical

Finally, since prolonging the productive life of your restaurant's new range is important for protecting your investment in this expensive piece of food service equipment, you should also understand that cooking on excessively high heat will lessen its useful lifespan. Food service ranges are designed to work well on a lower heat setting, and cooking too hot day after day will lead to early mechanical problems and a lack of quality in your restaurant's food. For these reasons, you should always cook on a lower heat setting when possible.

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